Friday, March 21, 2014

Cara's Birthday!

Hi everyone!
On the 14th of March, Cara celebrated her 10th birthday! Here's a photo-story. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday, Cara!

I wonder what it is?

Thanks Melly!

You're welcome, Cara! Come on, open it up!

Yay! New clothes! I'll go and try them on…

A few minutes later...

They fit perfectly! Thanks a heap, Melsy!
You're welcome Cara, I'm glad you liked them.

Doesn't Cara just look so much like Josefina in this one?

Mum and I made the outfit with the pattern for Josefina's camisa and skirt from AG playthings.

I didn't have the right materials, so did a variation instead.

The camisa is made from pale blue batiste trimmed with rainbow lace and bound with bright orange lawn bias binding.
The skirt is made of blue printed wintella. The design has white birds on branches with leaves etc. on a blue background. The skirt is gathered on to a waistband/sash, which ties at the back, then hemmed.

If you want a more detailed post on this outfit, please let me know.



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