Friday, January 17, 2014

Doll Hairstyling Series 2: how to give your doll a basic ponytail!

Hi girls!
Today I'm going to show you how to do a basic ponytail on your doll.

You will need:
One hairband
Doll brush (wire bristles)
And any embellishments you would like to add (ribbons, clips etc)

Start by placing your doll firmly between your knees, just underneath her armpits (don't worry, this won't hurt her a bit!)

Brush her hair, starting at the bottom, and working your way up to the roots to ease any knots out.

Gather her hair in your hand into a ponytail.

Secure it with a hairband

and add your embellishments.

And you are finished! Enjoy your ponytail!

A new MYAG doll!!!!!

Today, I have some very exciting news! A prototype for a MYAG #61 was sold on eBay recently! She is soooo pretty! Here are the pictures, and a link to the original listing.

Here you can see that she has hair like Saige's and green eyes.
She comes dressed in a shift, but obviously that is not her original outfit.
The extra clothes and accessories that she comes with
Isn't she just gorgeous??!!!
Just look at those beautiful eyes!

If MYAG 61 comes out, and she is the same as this prototype, I will be getting her!
Her name will probably be Kathleen, and she will be Irish. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Doll Hairdressing series 1: How to give your doll a braided ponytail!

Hi girls!
Here's my very first hairstyling tutorial for you! It's Melody's very favourite hairstyle, she wears it pretty much all the time. I think it really suits her! I'll be doing a few more hairstyling tutorials soon, please let me know if you like this one!
Start by getting your doll, and clamping her body (just under her armpits) between your knees so as to keep her head nice and tight.

Then, starting at the bottom, brush your doll's hair, gently working the knots out until you reach the top,

like this.

After a bit of brushing, her hair should now be smooth and easy to work with.

Now, take a small bit of hair from just above her ear.

Brush it smooth so it lies nice back against her head, like this.

Then divide that bit of hair into three approximately equal parts.

Cross the right part over into the middle

Then the left

Then the other one. Repeat until you have a nice long braid,

like this.

Then secure the end with a crocodile clip.

Repeat for the other side,

Secure them both with a hairband, then

flip them over her face so they're out the way while you work on the ponytail.

Brush her hair, so it's nice and neat again

then use your hand to gather and brush it into a low ponytail over her neck.

Flip the braids back over the top.

Take off the hairband and hold the braids in place

Get another hairband to secure it all together, then brush the ponytail until it looks nice and neat.

Like this

You can add a ribbon or something if you like.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first tutorial!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello everyone!
Welcome to my new blog. I'm going to try and at least do one post everyday or so, but it might take a while to get things up and running smoothly, so please just be patient with me, and I'll do the best I can. You can still visit my old blog here. I'm still going to keep it, but probably won't be posting on there anymore, as I decided it was time for a fresh start, because I was getting my own blogger account anyway. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please visit again soon!