About me

Hi girls!
My name is Jessica.
I'm twelve years old.
My favourite ice-cream is Peppermint Choc-chip.
I have 4 younger siblings.
I'm a huge fan of dolls, (especially the 18 inch kind).
My favourite shoes are my black leather ballet flats.
I have a pet rabbit called Snuggles.
I have short brown wavy hair, hazel/green eyes and black glasses.
I love dancing (it's the only thing I've never been afraid to do in front of heaps of people).
I like to sew (very much, in fact!).
I want to be a writer, dancer, mother, and fashion designer when I grow up.
I love drawing, even though I'm not too good at it.
I like singing, but I don't do it in front of others, just to let you know.

I think I've covered pretty much everything. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!



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