Friday, October 17, 2014

Okay, so I've been thinking for ages about this, and now I've finally decided.

I'm doing a new blog.

There's nothing wrong with this one, but I've kinda lost so much enthusiasm for all the photo stories and doll-related posts.

I still love my dolls, and they'll always be special to me, but as time rolls on I'm finding it harder to post.
I will still do stuff on here sometimes, but it's not my main blog anymore. 

Same goes for the dolls' blogs.

I haven't finished my new blog yet, but I'll post a link when I have. 
It probably won't be doll stuff, more like fashion and dance stuff. I'm sure the girls will feature on there sometimes, though :)

I hate to admit this, and leave this blog, but I'm growing up. I'm not growing out of dolls, by any means! I still love dressing them up and doing their hair, I just play with them in a different way.
I'm finding that other things (like dancing) are becoming more important in my life, and also I'm 13 now (I know, I haven't told you until now and that was over a month ago :/)

Sorry for leaving like this.

I really hope you come and join me over at my new blog, when it's finished!

Again, sorry to disappoint you. I will be back at some stage though, because I still have mounds of photos I need to put on here at some stage!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog while it lasted! I understand your decision, so please don't feel bad. Don't blog if you are not having fun with it, and if blogging about something else is more interesting, then by all means, do it!

    1. Thank you so much, Christian Homeschooler! I may come back to this eventually, but I think trying something else for a while might help :)

  2. Can you give the address for your new blog please?
    It sound great!
    When it comes around I'll look at it maybe daily!

  3. Sorry, I meant can you give me me address for your new blog?

    1. Sorry, I only just realised I hadn't posted it yet! I'll do that now.


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